Albedo Design School

We are an interior design school established in November, 2015.
It was started by Albedo Designs Ltd as a training arm to train would be interior designers and to impact a substantial level of entrepreneurial skills closely accompanied by the informational skillset required to start their business after graduation.

The Curriculum

A curriculum was developed by a team of interior designers, architects, educationists and business experts to come up with a system of transference of the above stated void identified, which has been further reviewed over time up on till now. At Albedo Design School, we are committed to the imperatives of excellence in all the required spheres of the development of the new generation of interior designers in Nigeria.

The Objectives

To achieve this, we have a dynamic team that understands and adequately interprets the guiding philosophy of the school.
In the area of academics, which has become the major parameter for appraising schools such as ours in the society today, we can boast about the depth of our curriculum. In spite of this great feat, we constantly seek to get better.
Welcome to Albedo Design School

Our People have become our greatest Asset. We are constantly striving to be the best year-in year-out.

Binta Suleiman, CEO


Our Courses are designed to equip you with everything you need to survive in the dynamic world. Other than the training, we furnish you with tools to help jump start your entrepreneurship journey

Because we are really passionate about holistic education, we have some list of interesting short courses that are designed to make the learning experience more fun, juicy and actively engaging.

Main Courses
Years in Business
Short Courses