The Interior Design Program at Albedo Design School (ADS) is dedicated to providing you with broad based proficiency in interior design and space planning/management that will enable you upon completion, proceed to a productive and rewarding career in interior design.


Our Courses are designed to equip you with everything you need to survive in the dynamic world. Other than the training, we furnish you with tools to help jump start your entrepreneurship journey

Because we are really passionate about holistic education, we have some list of interesting short courses that are designed to make the learning experience more fun, juicy and actively engaging.

What You Will Learn

You will learn to speak the visual language of design. We all have the potential to speak this language fluently. Although, just as in a language based on words, there are those who speak the visual language more poetically and persuasively than others. For you to learn the art of how so much is communicated without words, we will begin a journey to make you aware of the basic elements inherent in Interior Design. When you understand how to recognize the presence of the different elements, your observation of existing design will be more informed. You will learn the art and craft of creating beautiful and functional interior environments.