RHINECEROS TRAINING 2018 BACKGROUND: Rhino is a 3D Computer Graphics and a CAD Application Software developed by the American company Robert McNeel & Associates. It is known for its compatibility with other software as it supports over 30 CAD formats for importing and exporting. TRAINING OBJECTIVE: Participants will be able to model using the NURBS system of modeling which would allow you to model more complex models, and more organic and non uniform objects and surfaces. COURSE OUTLINE: Day 1– Introduction, Motivational Videos, [...]


Empowerment Through Skills Acquisition

Albedo Design school in partnership with experts in the design industry and the support of Kaduna State Government is happy to bring you the maiden edition of its Skills Acquisition Program, this December in Kaduna. Statistics show that Nigeria has over 50% of its population under the youth banner, this translates to a viable workforce of people who can trigger a ripple effect of economic growth. Skills acquisition has positioned itself as a feasible economic solution to the increasing dependency on [...]